Monday, March 23, 2020

Welcome students and families! We are committed to continuing to provide your student with social emotional supports during this challenging time. The social workers at Riverton have created a Google Classroom page called "Social Worker Corner" (please see below on how to access this resource) in order to provide resources for students and families. The page includes resources and information for families to take care of basic and emotional needs, ways to communicate with social workers directly, a virtual Calming Corner, other SEL tools such as mindfulness and Zones of Regulation activities, Second Step resources and activities, virtual recess activities, and even links for students to join virtual video lunch bunches! In order to access this page, devices will need to have Google Chrome downloaded.

Once you have set up a Google Account, please go to, make sure you are logged in using your school Gmail account. If it is your first time using Google Classroom, select "Student" as your role, then hit "Get started." You can then select "Join a class." 

The code to join the "Social Worker Corner" is: ufhwb7s

 We hope that these resources are helpful to you and your family! If you have trouble accessing the Social Worker Corner, please reach out to your homeroom teacher or us at the following email addresses:

Ms. G-W:


Ms. G-W, Ms. Beam, and Ms. Hunter


Google chrome is installed already. To access Google Chrome, just search for the app and click on it. 

Downloading Chrome for PC/Mac (laptops)
Step 1: Go to google chrome website:

The google chrome website should bring you to a page that looks like this:

Step 2: Click the “Download Chrome” button. 
Step 3: Open the file called “googlechrome.dmg” 
Step 4: When you open the file the screen below should appear. Go ahead and drag the google chrome application into the folder. 
Step 5: Click “Accept and Install”
Step 6: Search for the application “Google Chrome” and open the application. 

Note: Google Chrome comes with Google Drive, Google Classroom, and Google Slides so they will be able to access these as needed by searching for them. Login information will be added below. 

For Ipads or other mobile devices: Recommend downloading Google Drive, Google Slides, and Google Classroom.
Step 1: Open your device’s store. For Andriod, the store is called “Play Store” and for Apple devices, the store is called “App Store.”
Step 2: Search for “Google Classroom” and click download.
Step 3: Search for “Google Drive” and click download.
Step 4: Search for “Google Slides” and click download. 
Step 5: Search for “Google Docs” and click download.
Step 6: Search for “Google Forms” and click download.

These apps will allow better access to what is being used than just having google chrome because of format issues. 

Apps will take people directly to login.
Google Chrome users will need to search for Google Drive or Google classroom first. If they search Google Drive, first click “use personal account.” 

Once you are at login: 
Enter your email address. Your email address is your lunch code followed by

Your password is your unique code you usually use.

If you do not know your lunch number or your password, please contact your homeroom teacher ASAP.

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